Musings on the Kennebec

[June 9, 2016] How do you define happiness?  I define happiness as a choice in life. Your job can have a tremendous influence on happiness. As whitewater raft guides we are able to bring other people into our world where they can have fun, and experience something so profound and intriguing. We love it when… Read more

April at Magic Falls

[April 3, 2016] We've had a strange winter. Lots of precipitation but too often the snow changed to rain. Unusual for Maine but at least there's plenty of water in the rivers and no flooding this year.  It will be easier opening up base camp without having  to dig out from under the snow.  The water… Read more

The Rafting Party is over.

[October 13, 2015] We finished up with our annual Pay Your Age and Halloween Costume Party on Columbus Weekend.  What a great season!  Post a comment here about your Magic Falls 2015 rafting trip.  See you next year. Read more

Kennebec Rafting Guide Tradition

[July 18, 2015] Today was a day well spent on the river. My crew was a troop of Boy Scouts and the water was raging. Their leader was the same rafting guide that took me down the river when I was 10. I fully attribute my love of the Kennebec River to him. On the way down we taught the Scouts how to read the water… Read more

Never use Your Mobile GPS in Maine

[June 2, 2015] Well, you know that the season is in full swing when our rafting guests religiously follow their mobile GPS and end up on the back side of Bigelow heading to the Canadian border.  Doubly embarrassing when they rafted with us before.  Please follow the printed travel directions on our… Read more

"A great trip. Everybody in our two-family group, ages from 10-50, said it was the best day of the summer. We already have blood oaths and pinkie swears committing to doing it again next year."
Greg, Topsham, Maine

"I am well versed in customer care and attention to detail. I make it my hobby to quietly observe all the finite things wherever I go. Your staff, your poise with somewhat difficult customers and your care to provide a first rate experience receives top billing from me. I will share the experience with friends and most importantly, when I come rafting again it will be with Magic Falls.
Dj & Alex"
Dj & Alex

"It was my wife's 50th birthday and she wanted to celebrate in a special way. The trip we had was indeed special. What made it special was the way the employees and river guides catered to our group. She couldn't have celebrated her 50th any better."
Sal C., Needham Heights, MA

"This is my second time at Magic Falls. Each time, you guys have knocked it out of the park. I know you can't put a price on an unforgettable experience, but it still blows my mind the value you get from Magic Falls. The moment everyone got off the raft, coming back later this year was brought up immediately. Send out my heart felt thanks to the entire staff, and our river guides Chris and Ben for the awesome experience. I tried to leave glowing reviews on a couple websites because you guys probably deserve to be the most popular rafting place in Maine.

Dan Scholz

Maine White Water Report [Updated 10/10/2016]

Kennebec River

Next Rafting Release May of 2017

Water flows are subject to change with weather and operations at the dam. Always use caution when recreating on or near dammed waters as water levels could change abruptly and without notice-especially after a heavy rainfall. As air and water temperatures start to fall, wet suits may be necessary.

Dead River

Dead River Release- May 2017

The Dead is the longest, continuous stretch of Class III-V whitewater in the East. Always use caution when recreating on or near dammed waters as water levels could change without notice.