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Your Maine white water rafting trip combines the thrills of the water flume rides at Six Flags, Disney World or Busch Gardens with the awe of Mother Nature surrounded by the scenic beauty of the rock-walled Kennebec River Gorge and evergreen forest of the fast flowing Dead River. Maine has more miles of white water rafting than all the rest of New England and New York combined. Your Maine whitewater rafting trip is capped off with an open-grill meal of steak, chicken, fish or veggie burger, river rice and home-made dessert. You're sure to have magical memories of white water rafting in Maine. View rafting trips

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Your Safety is our number one priority. Magic Falls veteran Maine white water rafting guides have an average 16 years experience on the Kennebec and Dead Rivers. Owner, David Neddeau, personally guides or leads Maine whitewater rafting trips on the Kennebec and Dead rivers almost every day of the season. Our white water rafts are custom-designed, state-of-the-art, self-bailing Aire whitewater rafts with double-skinned hulls with air chambers, and safety handles. The PFD's you'll be wearing are Class 3/5 model PFD's with the highest flotation rating. Learn about us

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Maine White Water Report [Updated 10/15/2013]

Kennebec River

CFS-The 2013 is complete. The water report will begin again in May 2014. CFS=Cubic Feet per second On dam controlled rivers, water flows are subject to change with weather and operations at the dam. Always use caution when recreating below dams as water levels could change abruptly and without notice.

Dead River

Next High water release May of 2014

water temperature

CFS= Cubic Feet Per Second The Dead is the longest, continuous stretch of Class III-V whitewater in the East. Always use caution when recreating below dams as water levels could change without notice.