"I just had to let you know that the crew from Johnny’s Selected Seeds had an AWESOME time on Friday, June 15th! Out of the six of us, four had never been white water rafting before and we all loved it! I can speak for myself and tell you I could easily be addicted to rafting! The weather was unbelievable. The lunch was really good and our guide, Chris was fantastic! We will request him again. I do believe we may book again in the fall. I don’t think I can wait until next year! :) Thanks again!"
Cathy P., Winslow, ME

"Dave, we had an AWESOME time with you! Thanks for getting us down the river safely. I'd love to come up again this summer... Maybe when it's a bit warmer, but that was the best Cinco de Mayo! You and the Magic Falls crew are fantastic."
Kelsey H.

"Thank you, David and Donna for the excellent time we had last weekend, it was the best time ever! Want to do it again in the fall. Thank you so much again, it was great seeing you."
Andy M.

"On behalf of the Concord NH Hog Chapter, we want to thank all the staff for the wonderful experience we had this past 4th of July weekend. The food, accommodations and rafting all exceeded our expectations. Kudos to our guide for a job well done!!!!"
Mark B., Concord, NH

Maine White Water Report [Updated 8/30/2014]

Kennebec River

9 am-1 pm 4800 cfs
1-3 pm 2400 cfs
69 as of 8/27 water temperature

CFS=Cubic Feet per Second. On dam controlled rivers, water flows are subject to change with weather and operations at the dam. Always use caution when recreating on or near dammed waters as water levels could change abruptly and without notice.

Dead River

August 31 5500 cfs
Oct 4 up to 6000 cfs
upper 60's water temperature

CFS= Cubic Feet Per Second The Dead is the longest, continuous stretch of Class III-V whitewater in the East. Always use caution when recreating on or near dammed waters as water levels could change without notice.