Maine Whitewater Rafting Trips

Contact Magic Falls Maine Whitewater Rafting Company to plan your outdoor adventure on the Kennebec River, or Dead River and spend your vacation whitewater rafting in Maine!  Book on line with our secure reservation form or complete our on-line Maine white water rafting trip planning form to receive a detailed price quote via email.

Safety information and waiver

Outdoor recreational activities including whitewater rafting, inflatable kayaking, and tubing activities have  inherent risks, dangers and hazards that may result in injury or illness. A full waiver must be signed by all participants (and a guardian for customers 17 years and younger.) Any medical conditions should be disclosed to your guide before starting your trip. 

Sign the waiver

Age limits

Kennebec River normal flow: 10 years

Kennebec River high water: 12 years

Dead River (all): 14 years

Service fees and taxes in addition to trip prices

Kennebec River Whitewater Rafting $7

Kennebec River Multi-Gorge Adventure $12

Cheap Thrills Trip $5

Dead River Whitewater Rafting $15